[hsv_heading size="h4" page_name="home" heading="why?"]People at Van Aalst are always keeping that holistic view on what they are doing. Thinking global, improving their own products by being innovative and doing the extra mile by succeed in excellent fulfillment world-wide.

This can be done by one trait: always be interested.[/hsv_heading][hsv_heading size="h4" page_name="home" heading="How?"]Global Thinking Earth, green, durable, USA Fulfilling Flexible, supply chain, well known (to be trusted) Innovating New techniques, continuously improving own products, dustfree handling of bulk, pneumatic loading and unloading, rotating nozzle[/hsv_heading][hsv_heading size="h4" page_name="home" heading="what?"]Van Aalst Bulk Handling is specialized in design and supply of equipment for pneumatic bulk handling of dusty abrasive products like cement, fly ash, alumina, china clay, limestone, granulated slag and borax. Bulk handling solutions for cement industry Van Aalst Bulk Handling delivers pneumatic ship unloaders and ship loading systems worldwide, in any size. All installations are made to measure. Bulk storage and Reclaim installations We deliver storage facilities, filter systems, domefloors & reclaim equipment for all dusty abrasive materials. Highly cost effective and dust free operations! Spare parts | Maintenance service For the maintenance of your conveying equipment you can rely on our highly qualified engineers. We also deliver spare parts for pneumatic ship (un)loading equipment from stock.[/hsv_heading]